Keynote Speaker and Leadership / Service Expert

Pete Blank will show you how to put a little "Disney Magic" into your organization!

About Pete

Disney Experience

Pete's Disney work experience laid the foundation for his passion around leadership, customer service and employee engagement.  He was a Disney Ambassador finalist and received the prestigious "Partners In Excellence" award, which is presented to the top 3% of Cast Members.

Leadership Practicioner

Pete is currently the Training and Organizational Development Manager responsible for the professional and career development of 7,000 local government employees.  He manages a team of four direct reports, so he not only speaks on leadership and service...he practices it every day!

Certified Speaking Professional

Pete has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). The CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Only about 12 percent of the speakers worldwide hold this professional designation. 

Most Requested Sessions

Pick Up The Roach! Leaders do the Little Things

Six tips to help managers and supervisors (or any employee) be the best leader they can be

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Employee Engagement - Lessons from the Mouse House

Discover four simple ways to keep yourself and your employees engaged in the workplace

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The Disney Way of Customer Service

Apply the 3 C's of Disney Customer Service to your organization

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Put some Disney "Show" into your Organization

Determine how to apply the five senses to your company to improve business

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How can Pete Help my Organization?

Improve Leadership

High-Performing Leaders are the backbone of any company.  Pete inspires your managers , supervisors, and executives to understand and apply simple leadership traits and actions that will have an immediate effect on individual departments and the entire organization.

Enhance Employee Engagement Levels

No matter the industry, all companies have employees that are either engaged, disengaged, or actively disengaged.  Pete uses current research and personal experience to help employees discover the value of being highly engaged in the workplace.

Strengthen Customer Service Skills

It's a safe assumption that almost all employees already know how to provide excellent customer service. The issue is not the how, but the in "Why won't you provide excellent customer service?" Pete provides a workable framework and plan for all levels of employees to deliver excellent customer service at all times.

Refocus the Lens of the Employee

Sometimes your staff just loses their focus.  Perhaps they forgot why they applied to work at your organization.  Pete believes that the "purpose" of working should always outweigh the "paycheck" of working.  He  applies this framework in all of his sessions to help employees refocus on what they do and why they do it.

Watch Pete In Action

Pete's keynotes and workshops are

  • filled with high energy.
  • always interactive.
  • replete with humor and examples.
  • designed with action items for attendees to implement immediately

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