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 Pete Blank has spoken at hundreds of events across the United States.  His Pete's Points weekly videos and daily Alexa Flash Briefings are enjoyed by thousands each week.   Pete has earned the prestigious “CSP” designation of the National Speakers Association (NSA). The Certified Speaking Professional is the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers, in which less than 13% of speakers worldwide have achieved.  

A/V Requirements

Pete uses PowerPoint (PPT) in all his presentations, so a screen and projector would be needed–importantly along with a “sound cord” as all his  programs have audio/video. No internet connection is needed. A wireless lavaliere (lapel) microphone is preferred. Pete prefers to use his own HP Spectre Laptop,  and will bring both VGA/HDMI adapters, along with his PPT program on a thumb drive as an emergency backup. 

Photos for use

Below are photos that can be used for all pre-event marketing materials.  

Speaking Introductions

Listed below are two short intros to be used to introduce Pete.  Use the "Pete Disney Intro" for all Disney-related sessions and "Pete Roach Intro" for his "Pick Up The Roach" session.

Pete's Introduction

These introductions are designed to help the meeting professional/emcee introduce Pete before his sessions