The R.O.L.E. Model of Leadership

This recorded webinar is 25 minutes in length. 

There are multiple methods and messages when it comes to leadership. The R.O.L.E. Model of leadership is easy to understand and apply to any leadership role.  Whether you lead large teams, small teams, or are a team member, the concept of Relationships, Oversight, Leverage, and Evolvement will help you grow as a leader.

Leading an effective meeting

 This recorded webinar is 16 minutes in length. 

Leading an Effective Meeting is a non-negotiable skills for all supervisors and   managers. So why do so many people fail at this task? This webinar goes into detail around the five simple steps to leading an effective meeting: Time is everything, Have a Purpose, Take a Stand on Technology, Stay on Track, and Assign Action Steps.    

employee passion: why 2019 looks like 2006

This recorded webinar is 27 minutes in length.

In November 2006, the Ken Blanchard Companies embarked on a new study to learn about employee PASSION at work. For years, the Personnel Board training department led a session titled "Finding Passion in your Work" based on this research. With the semantic shift to Employee Engagement, we stopped training on "passion" around 2012. 

Do the lessons and findings from over 12 years ago still apply today? They do...and we can learn a lot from 2006. This short webinar is designed to revisit the eight key factors influencing employee passion, share examples of how they affect us today, and identify ways that you can make sure YOU are passionate about work!    

Setting Tactical goals

This recorded webinar is 24 minutes in length. 

Goal setting is an important part of any leaders' success. The SMART model gives us a good framework, and leaders can really get going by adding the BAM model to their goal setting. BAM stands for Brainstorm, Analyze, and then Modify. This webinar will help all leaders set and plan goals for their personal and professional lives.    

Seven ways to enhance your personal brand

 This recorded webinar is 23 minutes in length.  

Successful people are always doing the little things to get ahead. But what are those little things? There may be thousands of them...and Pete Blank is going to share seven that will help you create a positive personal brand. 

These seven tips are not based on research. They are not from another book. They are just seven little things that Pete thinks you can apply right away to stand out from others and be the best person and leader you can be.