Employee Engagement: Lessons from the Mouse House

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 In Employee Engagement: Lessons from the Mouse House!, Blank includes real-life stories, provides examples, and illustrates how the famous resort keeps over 50,000 cast members dedicated to their work. 

Readers will find many valuable tips, tricks, and techniques scattered throughout the following chapters:

 • Engage Them with Employee Development 

• Engage Them via Team Building

• Engage Them through Motivation 

• Engage Them by Enhancing YOUR Leadership Skills 

• Engage Them by Amplifying YOUR Recognition Methods 

• Engage Them by Partnering and Building Relationships

The author hopes supervisors, managers, and business owners will use this comprehensive guide to create a thriving environment within their own organizations. In the end, it’s all about applying just the right amount of Disney magic! 


 - "As a senior leader with more than 30 years of experience in health care, I have read a lot of books and attended a lot of seminars and conferences. What I look for in a business related book is one that will offer me three key things: 1) an author who is rooted in business and leadership - has been there and understands the real world and the real issues; 2) while concepts are based in theory, it is exceptionally strong in application by offering easily implementable ideas and shares actual stories from others - the immediate takeaways are plentiful; and 3) it is entertaining and enjoyable to read."

 - "Awesome book. Bought copies for all of the supervisors that work for me. "

 - "Every page I turned I had Ah-ha moments that articulated the connection between employee engagement and an effective, happy, and productive workplace. Pete uses real life examples told from the cast member's point of view that are easy to apply to our own experiences. Pete's conversational, yet professional tone, makes this an easy and enjoyable read!"

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PIck up the roach - why great leaders do little things

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In Pick Up The Roach! Why Great Leaders do Little Things, Blank explains how a one-time interaction with a dead roach inspired him to become a better leader.  From his years at Disney University to his leadership role for local government, this book is a blueprint for all managers who want to be better leaders, and all leaders who want to be EVEN better leaders.

The six legs of the roach makes up the six traits that all successful leaders must do:

  • Pick Up! - Leaders remove their blinders
  • Plus Up! - Leaders do more than expected
  • Work Up! - Leaders control every message
  • Own Up!  - Leaders take responsibiity
  • Ham Up! - Leaders drive the culture
  • Live Up! - Leaders do what they say

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