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The JOBS Model of Engagement

Employees need to Love their Job, Organization, Boss, or Squad to increase engagement at work

Employees need to Love their Job, Organization, Boss, or Squad to increase their engagement and motivation in the workplace.

Effective Networking Skills


Networking is an essential part of leadership, and these tips will motivate you to improve your networking skills.

Leading an Effective Meeting


Leaders are judged by the way they run meetings.  These tips will help you motivate your employees by running effective meetings.

Money is not a Motivator


Everyone needs money to live.  Money helps you get what you want and what you need.  But money cannot be your main motivational factor.

Leaders must also be Coaches


Leaders can coach employees, and team members can give peer-to-peer coaching.  Employees also need to ask for coaching as needed.

The Economics of Aesthetics


There is value in the sights, sounds, and smells of an organization.  Whether it is an employee area or customer-facing area, the "show" plays a role!

Listening Skills for Leaders


The fastest way to decrease motivation in the workplace is to not listen to your employees.  These tips will remind you why listening is an essential leadership skill.

The R.O.L.E. Model of Leadership


Successful leaders will build (R)elationships, have (O)versight, use (L)everage, and always (E)volve to become better.

Finding Passion in your Work


The average full time worker will spend over 80,000 hours of their live at work.  Take time to find your passion in the workplace.

Remove your Blinders


Blinders are for horses, not people.  Successful leaders and employees remove their blinders to motivate themselves and those around them.

Summertime is Motivating


Each of the four seasons motivates us in different ways.  Summertime motivates us through more sunlight, free events, and popsicles in the sprinklers.

Find Your Purpose


It is important to find your purpose in life, and these three tips will help you find your true purpose.

Lifelong Learning


Learning does not stop when your official "schooling" is over.  Successful and motivated people find value in Lifelong Learning.

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